Canawacta Members Begin to Speak Out

From: Jennifer C.
Sent: Wednesday, September 02, 2015 7:46 AM
To: Ed Arzouian
Subject: Re: Addressing lies and false accusations

I have remained quiet in the entire matter since I’m not able to make many meetings. I made it a priority to get to Sunday’s “special” meeting and couldn’t believe I completely wasted my time. The whole meeting was totally ridiculous!! I came because I thought the MEMBERS were voting on the removal of Ed and Ace but apparently I came to see a few power hungry board members act like witness, judge AND jury! If the decisions of those few members stand my family will not be renewing membership at the end of the year and I would STRONGLY recommend ALL members really think it over too. What good is a CLUB when only a few are deciding for EVERYONE?? Personally I have NO problem telling the ENTIRE CLUB how I would have voted. I would have voted to keep Ed and Ace in the club and keep their positions and responsibilities within the club. Clearly they are 2 of only a VERY FEW members who actually do ANYTHING to help at the club. But instead the BOARD loses 3 good people…Ed,Ace,and George. I feel the BOARD should be ashamed by their childish behavior. Ed, feel free to forward MY opinionated email as you see fit “for all the world to see”.
Jennifer C.

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