Former Club Vice-President Speaks Out

From: vincent lovuolo
Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2015 11:50 PM
To: Ed Arzouian
Subject: Re: I’d like to thank Greg Stewart

To all Canawacta Rod and Gun club members,

If you were present at the special meeting held on Aug.30, 2015 you witnessed the biggest dog and pony show I have seen in quite a while. For the life of me I can’t figure out who was the dog and who was the pony! I am appalled that a handful of club members can totally disregard our clubs bylaws . I was at this special meeting and what I saw was a one-sided attempt to railroad two dedicated members who do more for this club than most of us! As for the charges against Ed and Ace they can be proven to be unjustified. The article that Mr. Stewart is posting about Ed is 14 years old (are you serious ) Mr. Stewart says it is to prove his character, what about his? it is quite evident that he has a personal vendetta toward Ed and Ace.

It is a fact or is it not that Mr. Stewart made a motion to send the grant money back now he says he called the NRA to get it back and they are holding the check for him and wants it back? What fools they must think we are ! Now I hear we are discussing the handicap accessible at the next monthly meeting. What makes the board think they deserve any credit at all for this grant. If it wasn’t for Mr. Ed Arzouian there would not be any grant to discuss sending back in the first place . Then they suggest that Ed or Ace have nothing to do with the project.

Maybe we should leave our personal feelings out of this and sit down like adults and figure out what is best for our club and if there is any left to use it on the pistol range. This dog and pony show has gone on long enough ! It is time we act like adults . This is just my opinion . Ed please feel free to forward this if you like .

Respectfully club member Vincent LoVuolo

Thank you, Vince, as per your wishes I have forwarded this email.

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