Revisionism at work!

It was clearly stated in our regular club meeting of September 14, 2015 for everyone in attendance to hear that there would be a hearing with the officers of the club AND the right to appeal to the membership after that.  The attempt to have my membership reinstated at the Sept. 14 meeting did not fail (as suggested in the attached letter signed only by Mr. Wood) it was not allowed by the rogue board until after this hearing, just like many other motions  from the floor were not allowed that evening, just like motions by Albert Cuevas, Larry Jackson, Roger French and others.  The members in attendance and I agreed to wait for the hearing.  Please do not attempt to re-write history! 

The decision of the 5 (five ) remaining officers of club SHALL NOT BE FINAL  if they do not re-instated my membership, of that you can be guaranteed.  If the officers do  reinstate my membership, then indeed, their decision on that matter will be final. Five remaining club officers attempt to re-write history!

If anyone in attendance at our club meeting of Sept. 14 would like to write a statement or letter attesting that in our meeting of Sept 14 it was clearly stated I would have a right to appeal to the Organization AFTER the hearing, I would greatly appreciate it. You can email  to me

 Thank you.

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